Engineers & Constructors
of Biotech & Pharma Facilities


We are proud of our large customer portfolio and of the innumberable projects we have realised during the last 25 years.


The references below provide only an excerpt of these projects. They emphasize our broad expertise in the fields of biotech and pharma. Our cohesive project teams are always geared to benefit our customer – for projects of any size.

Biotech Production Center for antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), Basel, Switzerland


  • Conceptual Design and EPCM Contractor for Process part
  • 2 production lines, ready for use by August 2016


Other projects: Conceptual Design for MAB Production Facility in Basel. Engineering Services for "TP Expand" in Penzberg, Germany.

Multi-product Cell Culture Facility, Incheon, Korea


  • Upstream suite (USP) with six 5'000 L production fermenters
  • Downstream suite (DSP) highly flexible concerning purification methods
  • Drug formulation and a fill & finish suite 


For the entire process control system the ANSI/ISA S88.01 standard was consistently applied and implemented.


Biotech Building of Werthenstein BioPharma GmbH, Schachen, Switzerland


  • Multi-purpose facility / cell culture facility
  • Basic and detailed design, construction management, commissioning and qualification.


The facility was upgraded and expanded several times according to changing needs.

Single-Use Cell Culture Facility of LFB Biomanufacturing (MAbgène), Alès, France


  • Small scale production (upstream and downstream)
  • Single use technology for most of the process equipment


Conceptual and detailed design for USP and DSP areas. Site Master Planning and Site Development.

Plasma Processing Facility (NBF245), Marburg, Germany


  • New production building
  • Ongoing project in phase "detail engineering"


Other projects: Engineering and realisation of a DSP facility for a coagulation factor in Marburg. Liquid pharma storage farm in Berne, Switzerland

Industrial biotech facility, Brindisi, Italy


  • Pre-Basic Design for the revamping of an API production plant (2 x 80 m3 fermenters)


Other projects: Revamping of two biotech production buildings (fermentation and purification) in Hoechst, Germany (Aventis).

Human Vaccine Plant of IDT Biologika GmbH, Dessau-Tornau, Germany


  • Aseptic vial filling line in isolator technology
  • Lyophilisation with automatic loading
  • Washing and sterilisation of stoppers and caps


Other projects: Filling facility for ampoules, vials and syringes. Vaccine facility.

Mammalian Cell Culture Production Facility, Fenil-sur-Corsier / Vevey, Switzerland


  • Basic and Detailed Engineering of process plants (upstream / downstream) and CIP/RIP; construction management and qualification support
  • Two independent production lines for biopharmaceuticals


Initial steps: Front-end engineering for rebuilding and expansion of production facility.

Feasibility and site evaluation studies for Merck prior to the acquisition of Serono.

Facility for Highly Active Substance (HAS), Dessau-Rosslau, Germany


  • Fermentation and purification of a highly APIs in isolator units
  • Key process equipment: incubator, fermenter, precipitation & harvest unit, centrifugation, ultrafiltration, chromatography


Process transfer from laboratory to production scale and isolator mock-up studies.

Multipurpose Cell Culture Facility of Merckle Biotec GmbH (Teva), Ulm, Germany


  • Three story building with process areas for upstream and downstream processing
  • The perfusion bioreactors medium feed and harvest using disposable bags
  • Engineering, Construction Management, Commissioning & Qualification


Fast track green field project: less than 2 years from project start to completion

Multipurpose Biotech Facility, Bovenau, Germany


  • Processing area on two floors (4'500 m2)
  • Class D, C and B clean rooms
  • Biopharmaceuticals and plasmid DNA based on bacterial fermentation


Facility upgrades for yeast fermentation (Pichia pastoris) and Preparative HPLC.

GMP Production Facilities for Biopharmaceuticals (REX III), Laupheim, Germany


  • 500 L and 2'500 L cell cultures fermenter lines for batch, fed-batch and perfusion
  • Flexible DSP suites for all kind of downstream processing steps


Responsible for basic and detailed design of process equipment and utilities, procurement, expediting, FAT, construction management and commissioning.

Site Capacity Expansion (SFMP), Huningue, France


  • Feasibility study for site development based on various scenarios
  • Single use cell culture plant


Other recent studies: Facility for viral products in Basel